Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Fickle-minded American Electorate

It is very amusing to watch the democratic process in America. Up till last Tuesday, Democratic Party Presidential contender, Hillary Clinton was all but written off after Barack Obama had scooped up 11 straight wins. On Tuesday, he made it the 12th straight win by capturing Vermont. Later that day, Clinton's big moments came with wins in the primaries of Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas.
Suddenly Clinton's 'new momentum' is on everyone's lips whereas it had been known for months that she was the hot favourite in these delegate-rich states leading with double digits. The fact that Obama nearly cancelled the great advantage she had and the almost exclusive popularity she enjoyed was lost in the euphoria of her victory.
We shall wait to see what the reaction will be when Obama starts his next round of wins string with Wyoming today. The great number of undecided voters mirrors the degree of exposure of the American electorate to events both in their country and around the world. Americans seem to get informed about solutions to their problems only at political rallies and town hall meetings - a sad testimony to a people who would like to be considered as the most advanced electorate of the world.